Nov 17, 2013

On Guru Nanak Jayanti

When the country was fragmented
By races, sects and mean mindedness
People had lost their ways
And they were caught in false practices,

In that deep darkness
Many great men descended on this land
With their bright knowledge and holy conduct
They showed the people the path to God’s land.

Among them was a luminous star
That we by name know as Guru Nanak Dev
He neither argued with the oppressors
Nor did he fight with sword
Rather he put a greater line of truth,
Love, mercy and humanity on the dash board.

To that great soul,
That still burns in millions on this land
And guides their paths
Enabling them to serve their mother land,
I salute a thousand times
And bow my head with reverence
I pray to him send some lights
On my ways for my guidance.


  1. देहि शिबा बार मोहे इही शुभ कर्मन ते कबिहो न डरो ..
    गुरुपुराब की हार्दिक बधाई ...

  2. बहुत अच्छी रचना, बधाई.