Aug 15, 2013


Several times we have hoisted the National Flag
And several times the National Anthem sung
A number of promises under this flag we've made
several times its glory have been sung.

Now, let us take an account of the deeds
Which we have in the honor of this flag made
Are we sure that we’re honest and sincere
To those who for this flag their lives have laid?

Godse only once shot that great soul.
How many times we'll ail that with our misdeeds?
One great soul that was killed in an air crash
Is killed every day by our unfaithful deeds.

Can we pay true homage to the great martyrs
Till we have corruption and racial fights there?
Can we make a good nation and a strong India
Until we have good rules everywhere?

1 comment:

  1. यही तो बात है की हमारे अंदर इमानदारी नहीं ...
    झंडे माँ सही मान देश प्रेम की भावना ... समाज सुधार की भावना में है ... सुन्दर रचना ...