Apr 14, 2013


After having finished his work on computer, Ramdin lay down on the bed nearby and tried to sleep. Hardly had he slept for an hour, he was disturbed by a call. With half open eyes, he groped for his cell phone and instantly pressed the ok button and put it to his ear. There arose a lovely voice of some girl .the voice was not clear so he could not understand it. He was trying to know who might be at that time. Meanwhile there came his wife and snatched the phone from his hand.
“Hello” she spoke on the phone. And whatever answer she might have heard, he could not know except that it was a feeble voice of a woman. Before he could understand anything, she threw the phone on the bed and went out of the room mumbling something.
Next morning when he woke up, he saw her in the kitchen preparing something for children. He said “could you give me a glass of water?
“Wouldn’t she give” answered she feebly.
 She! He wanted an explanation for that. But she told nothing and remained busy in her work. Ramdin himself marched and took out a glass of water from the tub, drank and went out into the lawn. There he began walking mildly. Half an hour had passed; children got ready and went out for school.  By this time Ramdin had been fresh .He came into the drawing room and asked his wife to give food. She brought the plate, put it before him and sat on the couch thinking something .It seemed to Ramdin as if she must be in great sorrow. He inquired;
“What is problem with you”? There prevailed a silence no answer came. He again ventured
“What is pro———-“? Silence was broken by his wife as if there had been a thunderbolt.
She burst out into weep; collecting her breaths she grumbled; don’t you know? Don’t try
to look an innocent. I know everything. You————
You! What?
At home you pretend so much love to me and outside flirt with others. She spoke hurriedly and angrily.
“How can you say so”?
“Yesterday’s  night call was from some woman who told to wait for you”.
Ramdin could not make out anything .All his hastiness for office had gone. His mind jumped upon another theme and tried to find out the answer.
Is that my office junior who had been last month to my home or somebody else who had done this mischief.
Reluctantly and sadly he put on his clothes and went out for his office. He reached there late for about twenty minutes. He was so grossed in the thought of solving the problem which had happened at his home that he could not mind the time.
His office boss was already present in his chamber .He stealthily entered the office and sat on his chair. Hurriedly, he opened a file and began to do something.
His wife by now had relaxed a little. She did not eat anything. She took only a glass of water and lay down on the sofa worriedly. The cool air coming through the window made her sleep .The cell phone was lying there on the table .Ramdin had forgot to take it. Suddenly it rang.
Anita opened her eyes saw the phone as if it were her enemy .She did not want to receive the call. But, thinking something whatever her mind at that time could have grasped, she reluctantly lifted the phone and put it on to her ear.
Barely, she could have uttered “hello”. From the other end a woman’s wife began saying
“Atlanta presents a special pack of —————————————————–offers limited. Please make haste. I am waiting——————————-.
The last sentence had much effect upon her. The cell phone dropped from her hand and she sank into the sofa. Her heart was beating fast. She closed her eyes and————————
Ramdin finished his work; put all the important files into the shelf; left the office. With hundred of thoughts floating into his mind and with heavy step he walked for home .with a gloomy face he put his finger on the bell. The door opened, Anita came forward and to his much surprise, she embraced him and put incessant kisses on his forehead. Later, when she narrated the incident, both of them laughed together.


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  3. There is no remedy for doubt...mutual faith is very essential in married life.