Feb 5, 2013


       She looked out through the window to see the beautiful and charming scene of nature. There were dahlia, roses of different colors, marigold and so many others. Birds were chirping on the trees nearby. The sound of chirping was reaching her ears. Hardly had it been fifteen minutes when she abruptly turned back, took off her goggle and put them on the table. Oblivion in some thoughts, she pushed herself into the sofa. By her gesture it could be easily conferred that she was trying to avoid some thoughts which were continually coming into her mind. A perplexed and unsteady heart can’t enjoy the moment howsoever it could be beautiful and enchanting.
      It had been her habit for last six years. It was a small colony unlike the big ones where parks and shopping complexes are evolved. So there was less chance for her to go out for recreation. Though she was a office going woman. So the days would be, somehow, passed. Though, it was not a pleasant place for her. There being no other options for her to earn a living, she had to do this job. In the beginning she showed some reactions to the taunts by her colleagues and the immoral ways of the boss. But when she noticed that there was no one to support her, she became silent. At that time she thought that she would leave this office after being settled and find another job somewhere else. But it could not be possible; for this was a small city and there were fewer jobs. And if by chance some happened, it needed recommendation. This was the thing which she could not afford. However, if one has to live, he has to compromise at some stage. And she was no exception to this.
     Though, she herself was, to a great extent, responsible for the problems she was facing today. A decision taken in enthusiasm but devoid of prudence can lead a man to repent for the whole life. Something like this had happened to her
     She was a fresher in the National College for Science. Those days it was not an easy task to get admission there. To pass the tough entrance test of the college would really earn name and fame for the student. Her father was a clerk in the municipality. His payment was not much. But, whatever he got, it was enough for him to meet his family expenses. His was not a big family. It comprised of his wife and two children, a son and a daughter. The son became an engineer and got a job in some company at Pane. Neha decided to pursue a science course. Her dream was to become a scientist.
      One day, Sheetaldin felt a little indisposed; he did not go office that day. He was relaxing on a chair in the veranda. Neha came from college with some boy. She introduced him to her father as her friend. Ashish was a student of her class. His family was new to the city. His father was an engineer in Public Work Department. Ashish was a healthy person. He looked smart. Neha went into the house while Ashish sat beside her father on a chair. They were sitting there silent. After a while Sheetaldin spoke breaking silence:
        Which city do you belong to?
       “Kanpur”replied the boy.
       “Oh! It is a big city. It is very nice to live in a city like that”.
       “But some big cities pose health risk as the sanitation is not good there”.
       “Why have you come here”?  This sudden question made the boy a little confused. Controlling himself hardly he uttered:
       “Not for something particular. Neha could not find a rickshaw to hire. So I thought to drop her at home”.
       “Well”said the man and became silent.
By this time Neha had brought tea; they took the tea altogether. And then the boy left the house. The veteran by now had conferred from the talks that it was not the friendship between the two but something deeper.
        It is not always easy for a man to control his emotions. It was college’s birth anniversary and a drama was being played in which they both were participants. They played their parts well. When the show ended it had become very late. Neha could not find anything to carry herself home. So Ashish offered her lift. The stage role was still looming in their mind. Instead of going home they went to a hotel where they satisfied their physical desire. Neha thought that someday she will marry Ashish. But that day never came. Since they left the college, Ashish left the city also leaving no clue of him.