Nov 10, 2011

On Their Wedding

O Lord! Two men have accepted to lead a worldly life
They seek Thy blessings and from elders, saints and nuns;
From two corners of this planet they’ve come to unite
Grant them life till the Ganga flows and the Yamuna runs!

Their culture differ and they differ in cast and creed
But their minds are one and one their heart beats;
Roots of love seated deep in their hearts like a reed
To the ship of love they’ve tied their loyalty-sheets.

Promises to each other they’ve made to be life partner
And the holy steps round the altar they have taken;
May God grant their love and take care as a gardener
Success and glory they earn for never to be forsaken!

Here, from  tbingh  they are wished a happy marriage
May their love grow each day and know no stoppage.

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