Dec 24, 2013


Christ Be My Guide

The night is cool and calm and tramping heard no more

The curtain swings when the breeze comes through the door

While I sit here a hundred of thoughts come into mind and go

Reminding me some of the happy days and some of the woe .

A perplexed mind can’t decide what to grasp and what to leave?

Conscience replies best : 'tis thy first obligation to believe

And obey the source of thy existence and Master of all things”

Thou can attempt a lot but, against His will, gain nothing .

Not of a maiden’s beauty and her spell over thousands to swoon

Nor of the earth and mountains, nor of the sky and the moon;

Not of a king’s power and his state, nor of a battle how it was won

But, I must write only the glory of God and the Christ-His son

Who came here for us and suffered in the hands of the tyrants

He walked from place to place to teach us how to live and love

A brother, a sister and all, and how to obey our parents.

Christ be my guide when onto the last journey I move.

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  1. बहुत बढ़िया प्रस्तुति...आप को मेरी ओर से नववर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं...

    नयी पोस्ट@एक प्यार भरा नग़मा:-तुमसे कोई गिला नहीं है